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Plan Comparison

  Free Individual Professional Enterprise OctopuSocial CRM
Social profiles 3 5 15 50 50
Social manage in columns (Twitter & Instagram)
Scheduled posts (Twitter & Facebook) 10 500 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Scheduled direct messages (Twitter) 500 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Mentions and DM broadcast (Twitter)
RSS 1 3 5 10 10
Basic analytics
Advanced analytics
Weekly analytics email
Daily follows/unfollows 250 500 1000 1000
Twitter live trends map (Twitter)
Exclusive sales representative
Monthly Free $5,00 $15,00 $50,00 --
Semi-annual Free $27,60 $82,80 $276,00 --
Annual Free $54,00 $162,00 $540,00 --
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we have collected on the road we think would help you

Trial Period (6)

How long does the trial period last?
We give 7 days totally free of use, no charges are made or billing information is needed whatsoever
Is there any software I have to install to use OctopuSocial?
No, OctopuSocial is a 100% cloud service, it means, you only need your favorite web browser to access
Do I have to enter billing information to sign up in OctopuSocial?
No, we do not request any billing information (credit cards or bank accounts) to sign up in OctopuSocial, in the moment you decide to purchase any of our plans, you will have to enter this kind of information to proceed
After the trial period, do I get charged automatically?
No, we do not make any automatic charge until you decide to purchase any of our plans
After the trial period, if I do not purchase any plan, which plan do I get?
After the trial period, if you choose not to purchase any plan in that moment, your profile will automatically get the Free plan, after that, you can purchase any plan anytime you want
Whic features are available during trial period?
You will enjoy 100% of the Enterprise plan features

Features (7)

How does the limits per social profile work?
Each plan has a maximum of social profiles to be added, if you need more than this amount upgrade your plan anytime. Contact us if you have any special requirements you do not see in our plans
How does the plan services limits work?
Each plan has common services such as RSS, Klout, Bitly, Follows/Unfollows to add/use, if you need more than this amount upgrade your plan anytime
How does the plan schedule limits work?
The content schedule limits are set per social profile and they control the maximum amount of contents you can schedule to be published in any time. Drafts are not accounted. Eg: Individual Plan: has a maximun scheduled content of 500 regardless the dates they were scheduled to be published
Can I save scheduled content as drafts?
Yes, as many as you want, there is no limits for this
Are there other limits involved?
OctopuSocial follows the rulebooks of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other third party services
Can I change my plan later?
Yes, you can upgrade anytime you want. Once you purchase a plan we assign you a sales representative 24/7
Is there a free plan?
Yes, we have a Free plan, all its features are free-of-cost, check out the features table above for more information

Service (2)

Which social profiles can I add?
OctopuSocial currently supports Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Soon we will be conecting with YouTube and Pinterest
What kind of services can I add?
You can add any Blog of RSS feed, also we already have connections for Klout and Bitly

Payments (6)

Do the prices include tax, do you ship the purchase receipt?
Yes. All taxes are included. Yes we send the receipt, only if you purchase any of our plans with a Venezuelan billing address and require the receipt to be sent
In which currencies can I pay?
We only accept United States Dollars (USD) and Venezuelan Bolívares (VEF)
How can I purchase any of the plans?

Easy, follow this steps:

  1. Sign Up or Log In if you are already a user
  2. Go to Payments section
  3. Make sure you are in the Checkouts tab, click Purchase Plan
  4. Pay with a credit card and done!
Which payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept credit cards through Paypal
  • Only for Venezuela, we accept bank wires or transfers, and credit cards through MercadoPago
Is there any hidden fee for installation or use?
We are 100% transparent. We do not make any additional charges other than the ones shown in the Pricing table
Is there any discount in the plans?
Yes, we offer 8% and 10% for semi-annual and annual down payments, in that order

Data (3)

I am a user of the competence, how can I migrate my data to OctopuSocial?
Easy!, we have a bulk content scheduler with .csv files so you can import your data from other platforms like or
Should I be worried about my data in OctopuSocial?
Not at all. We have automatic and redundant files backup system so your data can be safe with us. At least the user deletes the data, OctopuSocial will keep the information
I have a question not shown in this section?
Just go to contact and let ud know your questions or suggestions, we will be in touch right away

OctopuSocial CRM (4)

What does CRM mean?
CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is a term to refer an application or software used to manage the relationships between a company and its customers in a efficient and intelligent way, generating automatic workflows and placing the client as the middle of the organization
What is OctopuSocial CRM?
It has two main developments: the first one is an application with all of our features 100% integrated with Microsoft CRM Dynamics thanks to the strategic alliance with the Microsoft Partner: Ciclic and it is called OctopuSocial CRM. The second one is oriented to companies with no CRM of any kind on premises, would like to manage their social media as a CRM environment
Do I have to adquire Microsoft Dynamics CRM to purchase OctopuSocial CRM?
Yes, the foundations and operations of OctopuSocial CRM are connected with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, hence, you must be already an user to purchase this plan. Contact our Sales Team for more information
Can you integrate with other CRM?
Currently we only integrate with Microsoft, contact our Sales Team, we will be happy to help you

Agency, Company or Government

We know there must be special needs if your requirements exceed our standard plans, get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you, we will be happy to help you

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